A.V. Schwan & Associates


These Values, are far more than mere words on a piece of paper, but serve to guide our behaviors in the accomplishment of the Missions that define our Purpose. They are to:

  1. Design safe, structurally sound, economical, useful buildings that meet all client requirements.
  2. Maintain uncompromising adherence and stewardship to all codes and regulations in all structural support work.
  3. Design safe non-building structures that meet requirements.
  4. Conduct special structural inspections to ensure both non-buildings and buildings are constructed in accordance with approved design specifications.
  5. Investigate existing structures to identify existing conditions versus design intent.
  6. Maintain currency with emerging innovation and technologies that support our efforts to meet client expectations and requirements.
  7. Maintain a level of Attention to detail from the origination of idea, through design process, regulatory code approvals, construction and final inspection that eliminates rework and waste.